Weekly Workouts (Vacation Edition)

I’m back. I am finally back into the swing of things from coming back from vacation. I spent the past week cruising around the Caribbean. Even though I was on vacation, exercise did not take a vacation.

Screen shot 2013-07-30 at 5.10.04 PM.png

Tips for staying active and exercising on vacation:

1. If your hotel or place you are staying has a gym or a deal with a gym near by, use it!
2. Pack plenty of workout clothes. If you are taking up room in your suitcase, might as well use them!
3. Skip the traditional exercise if you aren’t in the mood and try other active activities like hiking, rock climbing, cross country skiing, etc. whatever your vacation brings.
4. Have a goal. Plan on working out X amount of days while on vacation.

What are your other tips to stay active on vacation?




Sunday (7/21)
We flew out to Ft. Lauderdale Saturday and stayed at a hotel for the night before the cruise on Sunday. I hit up the tiny hotel gym that consisted of 2 treadmills, an elliptical, and some free weights.

2 mile run
.50 mile – 30 second sprints, 30 second jog repeats
10 burpees
3 sets of 12 lateral raises
3 sets of 12 deadlifts

Monday (7/22)
It was the first full day on the ship and I knew we had a lot of exploring and a fun filled day ahead so I woke up early and went to the track. (YES THE SHIP WAS SO BIG IT HAD A TRACK!!) Along the track they had motivational signs. This one was my favorite.


3 miles – no clue what my time was but I felt like I kept a good pace.

Tuesday (7/23)
I guess I can’t go a week without a spin class since I am so used to teaching 4x a week, that my sister and I took a class in the morning. It was fun and competitive because there was a scoreboard during the class that calculated a score based on RPMs, resistance, and distance. It was fun because I kept pushing myself harder and harder to get myself to the top.

1 hour spin class

Wednesday (7/24)
After a day of snorkeling and going to a beach at St. Thomas I hit up the treadmill for a quick run before dinner.

3 mile run – increasing speed every .50 miles
.25 miles – 30 second sprints, 30 second jog repeats

Thursday (7/25)
Rest – Lounged at a beach at St. Marten all day.. rough life right?


Friday (7/26)
My goal during this vacation was fit in a long run. I was planning on going to the track but we were at sea that day and it was very windy. I usually hate doing longer runs on the treadmill, but The Proposal was on the treadmill tv, that time seemed to go by faster.

5 mile run

Saturday (7/27)
I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do today, so I did a little of everything.

15 minute elliptical
30 minutes treadmill – 3 minutes incline walk, 2 min run repeats
3 sets of 12 kettle ball swings
3 sets of 20 crunches
3 sets of 12 lateral raises

Other activities included:
– rock climbing
– zip lining
– walks on the beach
– does mini golf count? haha







One response to “Weekly Workouts (Vacation Edition)

  1. Haha, that’s so funny that the cruise ship had those signs hanging up around the track. Definitely helps with the motivation since cruises tend to equal overeating and over drinking! lol

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