No Plan {12/16-12/22}

The past 2 weeks I had a plan that I stuck to with each workouts. This week I didn’t make one. I got some solid workouts in, but I feel without having a plan I didn’t push myself as hard. For now, I think I’ll stick to making plans to help me reach my fitness goals.


Monday 12/16
taught spin class, volleyball game

My Monday morning spin class is 45 minutes. The group was very lively for 5:45 am and with the new playlist we really had a great workout. See playlist below. We won our volleyball game and made it to the playoffs next week!

Tuesday 12/17
3 mile run, with negative splits, 2 mile walk while studying

It’s funny how running how fast you can start seeing improvements. 3 miles was a struggle a few weeks ago when I was getting back on track with running.

Wednesday 12/18
2 mile run, 2.5 mile walk

Studying on the treadmill is really effective.

Thursday 12/19
taught 1 hour spin class, subbed in a soccer game

Boy was I tired after today. The spin class was a hill workout plus soccer was right after. I scored a goal.. Yay!

Friday 12/20
2 mile run

I was planning on doing a longer run, but my leg felt like bricks. 2 miles was a struggle. I’m glad I listened to my body. I was really sore.

Saturday 12/21
teach 1 hour spin class

The spin class definitely helped loosen up my sore legs a little.

Sunday 12/22

3 weeks of working out with no days off .. A rest day is definitely needed.


Screen shot 2013-12-21 at 10.15.18 PM.png

(45 minute spin playlist)

Do you make a plan when you work out? Or do you wing it?


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