Half Marathon Training Week #1

So this is the official first week of half marathon training. This is a 14 week training plan. I know most training plans are about 10-12 weeks, but this gives me a little wiggle room with training. I am starting a new job soon (more details to come about that later!) so I am not sure my schedule yet, so my training plan may have to adjust a little.

Screen shot 2014-01-26 at 9.06.19 PM.png


Half Marathon Training Week #1


Monday 1/20

Plan: Rest/volleyball game
Actual: volleyball game

New season of volleyball started! One of my best friends is playing on the team this season. So fun!

Tuesday 1/21

Plan: 2.75 mile run
Actual: 2.75 mile run

Sometimes I need a switch from my usual iPod music. I decided to go with use Spotify “Running High Tempo > 140 BPM” playlist. It was fun to switch up the music.

Wednesday 1/22

Plan: 2.5 mile run
Actual: Rest

I got pretty sick that morning. I think I had a 24 hour stomach bug or something. Skipped the run.

Thursday 1/23

Plan: teach spin
Actual: 2.5 mile run (AM) taught 1 hour spin class (PM)

I was feeling better the next morning and decided to fit in the run I skipped the day before. I did an interval run of alternating 2 minutes light pace and 2 minute fast pace.

Friday 1/24

Plan: 2.75 mile run
Actual: 2.75 miles

I can definitely feel like my running is improving. I really pushed the pace and felt string the whole run.

Saturday 1/25

Plan: teach spin class
Actual: 1 hour spin class

Sunday 12/26

Plan: 4 mile run
Actual: 4 miles

Decided to make Sunday’s “long run days” for the half marathon training. I know right now 4 miles doesn’t seem like a lot, but the miles will start racking up soon on these Sunday runs.






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