{Kid’s Edition} Healthy School Lunchables

One of my client’s family’s that I cook for has two young children. For this particular busy client I prepare their meals for the week. This includes their children’s school lunches.

Children are very influenced by food choices from what their parents eat/prepare, what their friends are eating, and what is being advertised in the media around them. When I prepare the school lunches for this family I usually prepare sandwiches, cut up fruits and veggies, trail mix, yogurt parfaits, etc. which they do enjoy.

Apparently, some of their friends at school bring lunchables for lunch. They kept asking their mom for lunchables to bring to school like their friends. This week she asked if I can make a healthy homemade “lunchable” to bring to school to enjoy.
They have these great bento boxes that worked perfectly for this!

lunchables RD4.png
It has these little compartments for the different components like lunchables do.

lunchables RD5.png
I like this little secret compartment for a little surprise treat!
First select your lunch ingredients:
ChooseMyPlate is a great teaching method to promote healthy well balanced eating.

Grains – Whole Grain Crackers
Fruit – Clementine pieces and Strawberries
Vegetables – Carrots, Celery, and Cherry Tomatoes
Dairy – Low Fat Cheese
Protein – Lean Turkey Meat
Treat – Chocolate Chip Cookies

lunchable RD1.png

lunchables RD3.png
I layered the cheese and turkey in between little pieces of parchment paper so they don’t stick.

lunchables RD2.png
Way better than a packaged processed lunchable!
I got a call the next day saying how the kids loved it! Now I make these every week for them!
What did you eat for lunch as a kid?
What do you pack your kids for lunch?


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