Half Marathon Training Week #2

Half Marathon Training Week #2 in the books! Got all the runs in for the week. Not exactly according to plan, but I did it! My right knee (previous injury) bothered me a bit during one of my runs, but hasn’t been bothering me since. I’ve been icing after each run just incase.


Half Marathon Training Week #2


Monday 1/27

Plan: Rest/volleyball game
Actual: volleyball game

Volleyball game was cancelled, boo. Took the rest day and stretched a bit.

Tuesday 1/28

Plan: 3 mile run
Actual: 3 mile run

Pushed myself really hard on the pace. I think the lady next to me on the treadmill thought I was a little crazy because of the intense faces to keep pushing hard. Saw her glance over a few times with a confused look. hahah oh well! #trainhard

Wednesday 1/29

Plan: 2.5 mile run
Actual: Rest

One of those days where the day just got away from me and running just got pushed aside. I missed this run last week too, but both times made it up on Thursday. I can’t start making this a habit.

Thursday 1/30

Plan: teach spin
Actual: 2.5 mile run (AM) taught 1 hour spin class (PM)

Made up the run I missed from the day before. I did an interval run of alternating 2 minutes light pace and 2 minute fast pace.

Friday 1/31

Plan: 3 mile run
Actual: 3 miles

One of those days where I hated the treadmill. 3 miles never felt so long!

Saturday 2/01

Plan: teach spin class
Actual: 1 hour spin class

Threw in 3 more sprint songs at the end of my 1 hour class as per member request. They said they “really wanted to get their butts kicked before stuffing their faces for Super Bowl”.

Sunday 2/02

Plan: 4.5 mile run
Actual: 4.5 miles

I was feeling awesome during this run until my legs cramped up, which was super frustrating. I really felt good mentally and wasn’t feeling tired. Had to stop and walk a couple of times and stretch to loosen up my legs again. Guess I need to eat some more bananas to get that potassium before these longer runs.


Total January miles: 47
Total 2014 miles: 51.5






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