Half Marathon Training Week #3

Half Marathon Training Week #3 complete! Mid week was a little rough and wasn’t sure how my long run would be on Sunday. The miles are starting to rack up and I am itching to be able to run outside again. When is this snow going to end!?! I miss my trail runs.


Half Marathon Training Week #3


Monday 2/3

Plan: Rest/volleyball game
Actual: Rest

Volleyball game was cancelled AGAIN because of the snow. When will this snow end!?!

Tuesday 2/4

Plan: 3.5 mile run
Actual: 2.5 mile run

I was on my feet cooking all day for 2 clients. My legs were feeling tired. I switched Tuesdays and Wednesdays run.

Wednesday 2/5

Plan: 2.5 mile run
Actual: 3.5 miles

worst.run.ever. .. Well not ever, but it just overall was a bad run… But I finished! A little humor helped me get over my bad run.


Thursday 2/6

Plan: teach spin
Actual: taught 1 hour spin class

photo 1-96.jpg

Friday 2/7

Plan: 3.5 mile run
Actual: 3.5 miles, squats

My boyfriend and I went to the gym Friday night. I really pushed the pace on this run. I feel like I’m slowly but surely becoming a stronger runner. After he showed around the weight room section. I did a few squats. I want to start incorporating more weight training to supplement with running. I am not going to lie, I am a cardio junkie and a total newbie to weights. I’m slowly going to start incorporating more weight training into my workout routine.

Saturday 2/8

Plan: teach spin class
Actual: 1 hour spin class

The stereo was barely working to the point the music SO bad that a few members left! Thankfully, mid class the manager was able to fix it. I appreciate all the members who stuck with it the whole class. We got a great workout in.

Sunday 2/9

Plan: 5 mile run
Actual: 5 miles

Still on a runner’s high writing this post. As the distance is starting to increase, it is a little intimidating. I was dreading doing this run on the treadmill, but it actually went really well! I felt strong throughout the whole run. I survived 5 miles on the “dread”mill. I want to be able to run outside so bad!! Snow go away!

photo 3-79.jpg

I refueled with my favorite smoothie after!

Total January miles: 47
So far February miles: 19
Total 2014 miles: 66




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