Half Marathon Training Week #5

After a rough training week last week, I wanted to redeem myself and kept the same workout plan. In addition to last week I added two days of light weight training. I want to start incorporating in more weight training, but am going to ease into it slowly since my main focus is training for the half marathon right now.

I am starting a new job next week and I am really determined to not let it affect my workout schedule. One of my biggest tips for sticking to a plan is writing it down/scheduling it as an appointment. You wouldn’t miss a doctor’s appointment that you had scheduled, would you? My workouts are written in my planner, so we will see how next week works out.


Half Marathon Training Week #5


Monday 2/17

Plan: Rest/volleyball game
Actual: Rest/volleyball game

We won! It was a fun game because the teams were evenly matched and it was close until the last set.

Tuesday 2/18

Plan: 3.75 mile run
Actual: 3.75 mile run

I was really cautious going into this run since my side was still bothering me yesterday. I lowered the pace a little bit. The run was successful and it made me feel confident for the rest of the week.

Wednesday 2/19

Plan: 3 mile run, squats, lunges
Actual: 3 miles, squats, lunges

Tried a tempo run to work on some speed work. It was definitely challenging. I did have to take a little walk break. After the run, I went to the weight area and did some squats and lunges. Since I am newly adding weight training to my routine, I want to start slow and steadily build up.

Thursday 2/20

Plan: teach spin, arm workout
Actual: Taught 1 hour spin class

I had a few newcomers to spin. I love when new people come and try spin. After class they said they will definitely be there next week! That always makes me feel great! Plus, I love when more people get involved in spin class. It’s such a great workout! After spin I totally forgot about the arm workout I had planned. I postponed it until the next day.

Friday 2/21

Plan: 3.75 mile run
Actual: 3.75 run, arm workout

This run felt great! It was one of those runs that put you instantly in a good mood! Arm workout I did was biceps, bent over rows, tricep extensions, shoulder press, and planks.

Saturday 2/22

Plan: teach spin class
Actual: 1 hour spin class

Unfortunately, this might be my last Saturday spin class for right now. I got a new job that requires Saturdays. I am trying to see if I can alternate teaching that class. If not I’ll throw in another run and maybe some weight training.

Sunday 2/24

Plan: 5.5 mile run
Actual: 5.5 miles

It was one of those days that my run kept getting pushed back another 30 min, an hour, after I do a couple of things, etc. I was lacking motivation. When I finally decided to hit up the treadmill, I turned on the TV and the CrossFit games were on. It was an awesome motivation to watch all those athletes compete, that I really help me push through the run.


Total 2014 miles: 92.75




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