Half Marathon Training Week #6

First week of a new full time job and still managed to kick butt with half marathon training! I had to adjust my schedule a little throughout the week but overall I say it was a successful week! Going into this week I knew this week was going to be tough managing everything. I had a plan, I have a goal coming up, and I just kept thinking, “I can and I will!”

So, still stuck doing my runs on the treadmill. Apparently more snow is coming this way again. I just want to run outside so bad!


Half Marathon Training Week #6


Monday 2/24

Plan: Rest/volleyball game
Actual: volleyball game, 3.75 mile run

During my first day of work, my schedule for Tuesday was looking like it was going to turn into a longer day, so after volleyball I made the decision to do my Tuesday run just incase I wouldn’t be able to fit it in the next day.

Tuesday 2/25

Plan: 3.75 mile run
Actual: Rest

Glad I made the decision to do this run the day before. It was a long day at work and relaxing/rest day was perfect.

Wednesday 2/26

Plan: 3 mile run, leg workout
Actual: 3 miles, leg workout

At the time this workout felt great. Really felt strong during the workout. Leg workout was squats, lunges, and wall sits. This week I upped the weights a little, and definitely felt it the next 2 days. I was SORE!!!

Thursday 2/27

Plan: teach spin, arm workout
Actual: 15 min. elliptical, arm workout, Taught 1 hour spin class

I got to spin early to squeeze in the arm workout. I take my weights and huddle in a little corner of the gym and do my own thing. The weight room of the gym is overwhelming during busy hours. Spin helped stretch out my legs from yesterdays workout, but I was still sore! I was up and moving around all day today and I hit over 15,000 steps according to FitBit!

photo 1.PNG

Friday 2/28

Plan: 3.75 mile run
Actual: 3 miles

I didn’t get home from work til 8:00. Totally considered skipping this run. My comfy bed was calling my name. I convinced myself to run 2.5 miles, but during the run pushed myself to 3. Decided to call it quits and listen to my body after 3 miles.

Saturday 3/01

Plan: 6 mile long run
Actual: 6 miles, yoga for runners

I woke up Saturday morning STILL sore from my leg workout on Sunday. I did a 20 minute yoga for runners video I found on youTube. I did this in the morning and ran in the late afternoon. It definitely helped my run later on in the day. I need to really incorporate yoga more often in my routine. The long runs are really getting up there in mileage. I am still stuck running on the treadmill. Snow go away!

Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 8.16.51 PM.png

Sunday 3/02

Plan: 2.5 miles
Actual: Subbed a spin class, 2.5 miles run/walk

I got called last minute call to sub a spin class Sunday morning. I also has 2.5 miles on my plan for the week. My legs were tired after Saturdays run and spin, so I decided to be smart and go for a 2:2 run/walk to get the miles in but take it easy at the same time.


Total 2014 miles: 111




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